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Time Management In Outlook – Here Is The Solution

Time Management Outlook

More and more companies today are going global to achieve competitive benefits. Further, new technologies, particularly Internet based ones, have leveled the playing field so that even small businesses can compete with global giants. However, this has played an emphasis on efficient project management and in particular time management since employees for a multinational company could be working across different time zones.
One of the most effective time management tools is also one of our most familiar ones – Microsoft Outlook together with TimeSheet Reporter.

Time Management in Outlook – Here’s How To Do It

Time Management Outlook

Time Management In Outlook – Here Is The Solution

Outlook contains a very wide variety of functions – so wide that not many of us even get around to knowing all of them, much less use them. However, making full use of this rich set of functions can help project managers manage their projects more efficiently and make their businesses more productive. Outlook can help managers in various aspects of time management – how to organize various projects, plan them, communicate with team members, delegate tasks more efficiently and manage tasks associated with the project.

By using Outlook add-ins, you can bring more power to this tool and have better time management. For example, you will be able to schedule the task list associated with any project automatically, clearly map out the workload required for the project, define deadlines and set up reminders about deadlines. Outlook helps in efficient time management by having tasks flow around the appointments that you have mentioned in your Outlook calendar. For example, when you specify the duration of the task, the number of hours available to complete it and deadlines if any, Outlook can immediately assign a start and finish date. Outlook thus gives you the same power and control over your project as many other sophisticated and expensive time management tools do and without too much complexity.

The convenience and time saved in using a familiar tool such as Microsoft Outlook and particularly the Outlook calendar feature was appreciated by the team behind TimeSheet Reporter. We felt that the need of the hour was to develop a tool that made it easy for employees to submit timesheets, automate tasks such as payroll computation and customer billing and gave the power of time management to project managers.

TimeSheet Reporter has all these features and some more. It certainly allows employees to use the familiar Outlook calendar to schedule meetings and tasks as before. However, once they are done with the task, all they need to do is submit the timesheet from their Outlook calendar.
These timesheets are sent to supervisors who are provided a quick overview through the administration module so that they can approve or disapprove of the timesheets.
TimeSheet Reporter allows for easy integration into existing accounting systems so that payroll computations and client billing can happen automatically.
Finally, by generating standard reports that contain data about the time that different tasks have taken, TimeSheet Reporter helps project managers in better time management. They can use this data to make better estimates about project durations, monitor tasks more effectively and thereby increase productivity.



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