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Time Reporting Outlook

Let’s take a time reporting outlook. Until some years ago it was primarily the most basic operational and administrative responsibilities that timesheet reporting tools had to take care of. The basic goal of any timesheet software has always been more or less the same – to monitor the amount of time taken by employees to finish up any assigned task. However, these tools have also come into the aid of professionals time and again, especially when it comes to simplifying tasks like calculating payrolls of employees, billing of clients, etc.

Time Reporting Outlook

Time Reporting Outlook

Time Reporting Outlook

With time, the requirements for these timesheet management programs have also increased substantially. These software products today, have become more essential than ever – not only for calculating employee payrolls or billing clients, but they also play crucial roles when it comes to project management related tasks–both on a tactical, as well as on a strategic level.

There’s a wide range of timesheet reporting tools available in the market today, each with their own set of offerings, but aimed at achieving the common goal – to provide a platform whereupon employees and their management team can effectively communicate amongst themselves.

However, many of these tools are also way too complicated, or way too simple (spreadsheets), which makes them a hassle for both management and staff.
TimeSheet Reporter, however, provides a solution where everybody wins.Unlike most other programs, TSR comes as a Microsoft Outlook add-on, meaning it integrates itself right into the massively popular client, and functions from there.

Instead of having to use two separate systems for managing their appointments and tasks as well as reporting time, Timesheet Reporter makes it possible to report time directly from their Microsoft Outlook calendar (thus time reporting Outlook). This, undoubtedly results in a lot of convenience for users, as well as management. They can now use just the same, familiar and easy to use interface of MS Outlook for both the purposes.

TSR achieves such a simplified mode of operation by making the best out of the Outlook calendar – the native time-scheduling tool in MS Outlook. Time reporting through Outlook means that now employees can use all the native features of the Outlook Calendar, which they are of course already familiar with, and submit timesheet reports on any assigned task instantly, from MS Outlook itself.

And for organizations, this feature comes as a blessing as they no longer have to spend any more time and resources on training employees to use a timesheet reporting tool.

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