Time Tracking For Charities and Non-Profits

Time Tracking For Charities and Non-Profits

Time Tracking For Charities and Non-Profits

When you think of time tracking in a business sense, you tend to think of major corporations who use timesheet reporting software to streamline their business, but those are not the only groups embracing a digital approach to tracking time. Charitable organizations and non-profit groups are also getting in on the act, as they too see the benefits that using time tracking software can deliver. It can be argued that there is a larger need for time tracking for charities and non-profits than for some other types of operations, as there is a great need for transparency in all that they do.

The Benefits of Time Tracking for Non-Profit Organizations and Charities

Charitable organizations must abide by some particularly strict accounting standards, and time tracking software can help ensure that all time and expenses are properly reported. People who donate to these charities want to be sure that their money is being distributed in the right way, which is impossible to see without proper accounting and reporting. It’s a tricky process, but one that is simplified with the right software in place.

Since many of the people who work for these organizations do so on a voluntary basis, it’s important to make sure that productivity levels are where they need to be. The fact of the matter is that it’s often easier to be productive when there is a paycheck waiting at the end of the week. Volunteers committed to the cause work very hard, and it’s great to see reports that show just how well those efforts are paying off.

Non-profit organizations are better able to plan when they have more detailed reporting information to pull from. It may be that they are performing particularly well in one region, while falling short in others. This knowledge allows organizations to look at adding more volunteers in the regions where things are perhaps slower than others. They can also then shift resources to make sure that a better balance is found in every area where the organization operates, which in many cases is nationwide or even worldwide.

Having everyone involved in working with the organization using the same time tracking software means being able to create a huge database of information that can quickly be broken down to reveal details that are very telling. This is where the process of using such software mirrors what large corporations do, as it offers the opportunity to get an in-depth look at how the whole operation is being run, which then allows for changes to be made on the fly that improve efficiency across the board.

At the end of the day, though, the use of time tracking for charities and non-profits comes down to a need for transparency. It’s fair to say that they may be held to a higher accounting standard than just about any other organization, as their whole selling point is that all donations will be used for the good of others as opposed to the good of the organization. People want to be sure that this is what is happening.

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