Time Tracking Integration with Outlook

Time Tracking Integration with Outlook

Time Tracking Integration with Outlook

While there are some companies who have their employees located in one central hub, there are plenty more who have their people out at various different locations. This is especially true for those businesses who juggle more than one major project at a time. They may have people working on all manner of different jobs, and that means having to make sure that there are enough resources being sent to each individual project. Keeping track of all the moving parts can be tough, but time tracking integration with Outlook is making it easier to manage employees and the projects you are all working on.

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is the go-to application for employees who need to keep track of their hours worked, as well as a host of other business related items. Without the use of a timesheet reporting software that allows for integration with Outlook, you are looking at all that information essentially being entered twice, and possibly even the risk of mistakes being made when re-entering the data. That takes up valuable time that could be better spent on the projects that make the company money.

The Benefits of Time Tracking Integration with Outlook

Saving time is the most obvious benefit, but that is not the only reason to make the switch from your existing software that does not feature this type of integration.
It will also enhance your productivity by letting you know where time is spent.

One of the items that you should look for when selecting a system, is the ability to report time, even when offline or on the road.

It’s also important that supervisor approval be built into the software, as users are then able to not only approve all entered hours, but also assign people to projects that may be behind schedule while others are ahead. All of this happens at the speed of a couple of mouse clicks, and vastly improves the efficiency of the organization using the system. Employees will also be able to enter details such as vacations, sick leave, and expenses, which also helps the business organize in a way that keeps every project moving along smoothly.

These are all very important features for a business using time tracking software, but you also want one that can benefit the clients too. Every single client wants to know the current status of their project, and an advanced piece of time tracking software can do that by creating individual reports that clearly show the hours being devoted to any given project. That is a level of service that usually brings clients back for more, which can only help strengthen your business. All of this power from a single piece of software that allows for time tracking integration with Outlook.

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