Time Tracking with Outlook – 6 Advantages of Outlook Time Tracking Add-on Software

Time Tracking with Outlook – 6 Advantages of Outlook Time Tracking Add-on Software

Time Tracking with Outlook – 6 Advantages of Outlook Time Tracking Add-on Software

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a conventional computer program that enables a user to manage his or her time when at work. The user-friendliness of this program makes it ideal to be utilized as a time tracking tool.

However, to be able to use Outlook for time tracking purposes, you need to incorporate Outlook time tracking add-on software with it. By having a supplemental software, time tracking with Outlook can be customized to the specific needs of your employees and business as a whole. The combination of the convenience with a familiar program and the advanced features of add on software will result in a highly useful time tracking system.

Time tracking is essential in today’s business and corporate world. Employee productivity and operational excellence are keys to a company’s profitability, success and growth. With the right time tracking tool, company staff will be able to manage their time well in completing their tasks well, and this will result in better and more efficient day-to-day operations. As employees monitor the time they have spent on specific tasks in the whole business process, they will also be able to recognize where optimizations can be made, further improving the operations.

The possibilities are endless with a time reporting tool that gets the most out of the Outlook Calendar that is enhanced by add-on software. Some of its noticeable advantages are the following:

6 Advantages of Great Outlook Time Tracking Add-on Software

1. Employee Efficiency and Welfare

Employee efficiency is one of the foremost advantages of having great time tracking software. Because its employees are the best assets of an organization, making them productive and bringing out the best in them can have a huge impact on a company’s financial success in the long run. This is especially true for businesses who demand so much from their employees in terms of workload. With the right time tracking tool, they can weigh and focus on the most important tasks at hand without neglecting other duties that are also essential.

By providing your staff with helpful tools to manage their time and tasks, you are helping them succeed in their careers as well. When they are able to finish their job on time, they become excellent at what they do. Eventually, this creates a habit of success and excellence that can become the company’s culture or the norm for everybody. Efficient work also helps on keeping staff healthy, motivated, and strong because they will have less stress in doing their jobs and can also have the opportunity to relax and spend more time with their families and on the things that they love doing.

2. Time Tracking with Outlook – Easier Compliance

You will not have a hard time implementing the new system in your office because time tracking with Outlook and supplemental software is much simpler than the other time management programs available today. Employees will readily embrace it because they are already familiar with it. You can also save on training expenses by using such a common program.

Other time tracking tools are so complicated that employees are simply ignoring them as the program becomes more of a burden than a benefit to their work. In some systems, a user may take a whole day of work just to be able to create a decent time tracking report. With proper Outlook time tracking add-on software, all reports are generated promptly and comprehensively. You also have the additional benefit of having standardized reports for everyone in your organization.

3. Easier for Managers and Team Leaders to Harmonize Reports

Time tracking with Outlook also brings a lot of benefits for company managers and team leaders as well. Since everyone can easily comply and submit reports, managers will also have an easier time gathering them. They don’t have to force their staff or always remind them that reports are already due. Other than that, because all reports are standardized, team leaders can also read and analyze them better, allowing them to make sounder decisions as soon as possible.

4. Ability to Streamline Business Processes

Operational excellence is another main advantage of a simple and efficient time management system. Streamlined business processes benefits not only the company’s employees, but its customers as well. It is a well-known fact that the better a company is able to meet the needs of its customers, the greater is its advantage over its business competitors.

Aside from that, efficient day-to-day operations is a lot more cost-effective. By identifying unnecessary tasks, taking them away from work flowcharts and processes, and reducing system errors, the company will be able to save a lot of money on product, labor, and operational expenses.

5. Ability to Integrate with Existing Company Systems

Having the ability to integrate your time management system with fundamental company-wide systems such as accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can also be advantageous to all stakeholders. Linking accurate time tracking reports to these kinds of systems will result in faster services and generation of more thorough and inclusive reports.

6. Offline Access and Automatic Synchronization

Another great feature of good Outlook time tracking add-on software is that it can still be used even if you are not connected to the internet. For instance, a field employee which has just finished servicing a client can still access the Outlook time tracker offline, and when he or she comes back in the office, the system will automatically synchronize once the user is online again.

Time tracking with Outlook with an Outlook time tracking add-on is indeed very advantageous to all stakeholders of a company. Taken as a whole, this kind of streamlined timesheet reporting system can play a vital role in the improvement and profitability of a business venture.

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