Time Tracking with Outlook and How To Track Time Spent on Projects

Time Tracking with Outlook and How To Track Time Spent on Projects
Time Tracking with Outlook and How To Track Time Spent on Projects

For many people, time is a commodity that very few of us can afford to spend carelessly.

For centuries upon centuries now, we have been using timers and clocks, even in their most primitive of forms, for very good reasons. 

In business, it pays to know how to track time spent on projects, and it pays to know how your employees are using their time while at work. Because of this, more and more businesses have started to utilize time tracking software and apps. 

Time tracking with Outlook is now easier than ever, thanks to the many different pieces of time tracking software we currently have available, so what’s stopping you from installing it in your place of work? 

If you’re hesitant about utilizing this software and need a little more convincing, here are several key business benefits of time tracking software. 

Accurate quotes and estimates

One of the best things about using time tracking with Outlook is the fact that the software allows you to provide accurate quotes and estimates. 

If for example, you provide a quote to an potential client based upon how long you anticipate a task to be completed in, only to find that it is completed much quicker, this isn’t really fair on the client and it could result in them not being impressed. 

The great thing about time tracking software is that it will show you precisely how long certain projects take to be completed in, which means that there is no guess work. 

You have an accurate idea of how much work is involved and you can therefore quote your customers accordingly. 

Another benefit is that it means that you don’t undersell yourself and offer services for less than you really should be charging. 

How to track time spent on projects easily

The idea behind using time tracking software is that it makes business easier, not harder. 

Sometimes when businesses incorporate technology into their daily operations they find that it makes life much harder, leaving the business owners wishing they’d stuck with good old pens and paper. 

For those wondering how to track time spent on projects, a time tracking solution is ideal, especially due to the fact that it is so easy to use. 

Of course you and your employees will need to familiarize yourselves with the software at first, but that shouldn’t take very long at all, if you get the right solution, and once you’ve learned the basics you can use it flawlessly with no real issues at all. 

Keep clients updated

When running a business, from time to time it is very likely that you’ll find yourself busier than usual, and as a result you and your employees may fall behind with your deadlines. 

While it is good to be busy, your clients won’t be happy if you tell them you’ll have their work/project/order with them at a certain date, only to find that once the date rolls around, you’re still nowhere near completion. 

One of the best things about time tracking software is the fact that, while it can’t really do the work for you, what it can do is clearly show you how far along certain tasks and projects are, so you can then get a clear idea of when they’ll be completed. 

You can then use this info to communicate with your clients and give an accurate idea of when they will receive their order. 

In business, communication is key and time tracking with Outlook helps you to do exactly that. 

See your progress over time – Time tracking with Outlook

When reporting hours, you want it to be as easy and accurate as possible, which is why you should look at time tracking with Outlook.

In this way you can utilize a tool that everybody already know – the Outlook calendar – and build on that.

Using the software, you can use the data it has recorded to see the overall progress of your company. 

You can see how projects are going, you can see rates, you can see how long specific tasks and projects take to complete, and a whole lot more besides. 

For a business owner, this is very useful because you can use the data to identify strengths and weaknesses within the company. 

Great motivational tool

Ironically, when business owners first mention using time tracking software, they are in some cases met with reluctance and trepidation from some employees. 

Some employees may view it negatively, until the software is installed and goes live, then they see its true value. 

Time tracking software is actually a fantastic motivational tool as you can use the software to see just how hard your employees are working, how much they’ve done, how productive they are, and you can then praise and maybe even reward them accordingly. 

Not only that, but when you can see, on screen, just how much progress you’re making, this usually motivates you to get your head down and work even harder. 

Time tracking software, therefore, will help to not only increase motivation, but also to boost morale too. 

Identify areas needing improvement

Finally, the last advantage of time tracking with Outlook that we’ll be looking at today, is one based upon improving your business. 

With a time tracking solution, you can not only identify strengths, but also weaknesses, both within the business, and within your workforce as well. 

If for example, you can see that one specific task or project within your company is resulting in all employees struggling/being delayed to a certain degree, this shows you that that specific task/project needs focusing on. 

It could simply be a manpower issue, meaning that you could assign two employees to that specific task/project, instead of one like you have been, and see if that helps. 

If, after assigning additional manpower, you can see that the data the software has collected is now showing a clear and noticeable improvement, this shows that in the future, similar tasks/projects will require more than one employee. 

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