Time Tracking with Outlook

Time Tracking with Outlook

Time Tracking with Outlook

Microsoft have created a number of tools that have helped make communications and scheduling so much easier, and many people now use the Outlook calendar to keep track of their movements at work.
This is both true for those employees who do not have traditional work hours, or who spend an inordinate amount of time working from home or on the road, and also for people working in the office.
Even with a certain amount of freedom to roam, these employees still need to let their supervisors know how much time they are spending on different projects.

How Time Tracking with Outlook Can Help

One thing is maintaining your calendar, however this does not help managers figure out where everyone should be focusing their attentions on a daily basis and how projects are progressing. If you’re using a traditional time reporting system, it also means that the employee will also have to input their data a second time into some other type of timesheet tracker software. That’s an awful lot of time being wasted that could be better spent on existing projects.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Many companies are ditching the traditional time clock in favor of timesheet reporting software, and choosing the right one can mean taking advantage of the benefits that time tracking with Outlook can deliver. There are not many pieces of software that offer the option of integrating with the Outlook calendar, but one that does (like TimeSheet Reporter) can prove to be a real time-saver, not to mention a productivity booster. Those are both things that every company can get behind, as it usually looks very good on the bottom line.

Better yet, a good piece of software that allows Outlook calendar integration will also have a feature that lets supervisors approve any and all inputted hours. This is absolutely huge, as it becomes much easier to plan your projects ahead of time, keeping them on schedule and under budget, which is always a major bonus for both the company and its clients.

Taking Time Tracking with Outlook to the Next Level

While this particular feature is great in itself, there is a way to make it even more appealing to the employees who will be using it. One of the best ways to do that is to use a piece of software that, besides allowing you to do time tracking with Outlook, can also be used on a smartphone. People schedule and update their calendars while on the go, and that usually means having all their information stored on their mobile device. It’s also a good idea to ensure that the software can be accessed regardless of whether or not an internet connection is available. Employees will not always be in an area where they can get online, which is why offline access is such a coveted feature. If you can find timesheet reporting software that delivers those features, as well as a few others besides, then you will be setting up your business and employees for success.

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