Timesheet application – How to Choose the Right One

The relevance of proverb ‘Time is Money’ today holds true more than ever as organizations compete to retain their competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging business environment. Proper utilization of time not only improves the productivity of an organization but is also a very critical factor in achieving higher revenues. Thus a large number of organizations today look at implementing a good and effective timesheet application in order to streamline and track their business processes.

TimeSheet Application

Timesheet application - How to Choose the Right One

Timesheet application – How to Choose the Right One

A good timesheet application should possess a wide variety of features that should cover most time management needs that an organization is likely to experience. The first important feature that a good timesheet application should posses is a friendly interface – it should be easy to use so that it can become a useful resource for the employees. A good timesheet application should also be beneficial to the manager in charge of the project i.e. the application should provide a quick overview of the time entries along with providing a comprehensive picture about the overall status of the project.

A good timesheet application should also be able to provide employees with the ease to use it even when they are offline or on the road. A good timesheet application should also have the facility for employees to insert comments about the work they were indulging in. This makes it easier for supervisors to quickly approve timesheets. Without this facility supervisors may end up rejecting a timesheet, leading to employee dissatisfaction and wastage of a lot of time resolving disputes.

Most importantly a timesheet application should be effectively able to track the time spent by employees on a certain project and according to it the client can be billed. This will lead to greater accuracy in invoice and payroll computation, and both increase revenue for the organization as well as job satisfaction for the employees.

A timesheet application that covers all these features and requirements is TimeSheet Reporter, which makes it possible to register time on organizations, projects and activities directly from your Microsoft Outlook calendar.
Counted as one of the most effective time management utilities in vogue today, TimeSheet Reporter scores high on both the its feature range and its overall ease of use. The application can be accessed directly out of the Microsoft Outlook calendar and boasts of a range of time reporting features. For example when once a user has made an entry he/she can directly send it across to a supervisor. Supervisors have access to an administration module for approving or rejecting time entries as per their own norms. It also allows for tracking of missing timesheets, and furthermore has compatibility with ERP and CRM software, which significantly adds to its overall popularity.