TimeSheet Reporter 5.2 Launched – Office 2010 support and manual time entry

We have just released a new version of TimeSheet Reporter. The new version (5.2) includes support for Office 2010, manual time entries as well as a simplified installation process.

About the new 5.2 version

TimeSheet Reporter (TSR) makes it possible to report time on organizations, projects and activities directly from the Microsoft Outlook calendar.
TSR makes it possible to add the above information when creating an appointment, and afterwards submit it for approval. This means that user don’t have to go into different systems, remembering when they did what, for how long, etc. They can simply use their calendar which they use anyway. This results in correct, hassle-free timesheet reporting, on time.
So far only Office 2007 has been supported, but the new version also supports Office 2010.

The new version also includes the option of editing and entering time entries manually as known from traditional systems. This can be handy if you for example for some reason don’t have access to your Outlook.
Users with the right privileges can even report time for other users, which can be valuable when employees are on sick leave or have simply forgotten to do their time entries for example before going on vacation. It could also be that there are errors in their time reporting and a supervisor would like to change it. A colleague or supervisor with the right privileges can then enter or edit their time entries for them, which saves a lot of hassle with logging on to other peoples accounts, etc. Users with the right privileges can of course also edit and enter their own time entries.
You might say that we have taken the ‘traditional’ manual time entry handling and have perfected it.

TimeSheet Reporter 5.2 also comes with a simplified installation process that should make it easier for administrators installing TSR.
We have more plans for future enhancements and you can soon expect more very exciting news.


To watch TSR 5.2 in action, please click here.

How to try the new version

Please click here, where you can get a trial of the latest version.
If you are a current customer you will automatically receive a new license with download instructions.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us – Click here.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.



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