TimeSheet Reporter: A Microsoft Outlook Calendar Reporting Solution for Your Business

TimeSheet Reporter: A Microsoft Outlook Calendar Reporting Solution for Your Business

TimeSheet Reporter: A Microsoft Outlook Calendar Reporting Solution for Your Business

One of the challenges many businesses face nowadays is keeping track of what its employees are doing. This is especially true for organizations that handle projects for different clients, or simply internal projects. Outlook calendar reporting via TimeSheet Reporter is an ideal way to do this.

The Problem

The fact is that manual timekeeping just doesn’t cut it for a lot of businesses nowadays. It’s a tedious process, and it gets even worse when you have to translate that into billable hours for a client.

Most timesheet software is not much better. Employees will have to take the time to learn how to use them, and, even after that, the process of signing in to log in their hours can seem more trouble than it’s worth. This can lead to delays or inaccurate reporting, which in turn result in serious losses for your business. You could be losing thousands of dollars every month just because of unreported hours! Factor in the time spent just reporting these hours, and you’re looking at a considerable threat to productivity and revenue.

The Product (Outlook Calendar Reporting with TSR)

This is where TimeSheet Reporter comes in. An official Microsoft partner, this solution aims to make timekeeping easier for businesses by tying it in with Microsoft Outlook. Since Outlook is already used by most companies, transitioning to keeping track of hours with TSR should be painless.

TSR is a very simple and very functional tool. It only takes a few easy additions to keep track of employees’ hours via Outlook calendar reporting with TSR. The solution lets you include extra information when you create an appointment, including the project you’re working on, the organization it’s for, and the activity you’re going to do. This effectively turns the calendar into a working timesheet. Comments on what transpired can also be appended.

Once an appointment is done, the timesheet entry can then be submitted to a supervisor. Equipped with a more extensive set of permissions, supervisors can approve or reject these submissions, as well as add comments of their own.

TSR works with Microsoft Outlook, but you can also access it via the web and via smartphones. Also, you don’t have to be online to update your timesheet: you can enter data immediately after an appointment is finished, even if you’re on the road, and send it in once you have internet access again.

What People Are Saying

If you aren’t sold on the idea of TimeSheet Reporter yet, take a look at what other clients are saying. The system of outlook calendar reporting has received glowing testimonials from some great companies, and you can read these on this website.


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