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TimeSheet Reporter Gets AAA-Rating

TimeSheet Reporter Gets AAA-Rating

TimeSheet Reporter Gets AAA-Rating

Software company, TimeSheet Reporter, which delivers timesheet reporting solutions, has just received the prestigious AAA-rating from Bisnode.

The Highest Rating a Company Can Get

TimeSheet Reporter, which makes it possible to register time via your Microsoft Outlook calendar, has just received the prestigious AAA-rating from Bisnode.

According to Bisnode it’s only about 2% of all Danish companies that have received this rating, and it is expresses that the company is particularly reliable to do business with.

“This rating is achieved through a giant effort from our teams, and it’s an important signal for us to send,“ says CEO in TimeSheet Reporter, Thomas Testmann. “It’s important to us to tell our clients and partners that we are a stable company, and that we are also planning on being here tomorrow.”

Being Successful Takes an Effort

Running a company like TimeSheet Reporter takes an effort, however.
“It requires hard work and we constantly focus on delivering the absolutely best and most accurate and user-friendly timesheet reporting to our clients,” says Thomas Testmann.

Will Also Be There Tomorrow

There is no doubt that TimeSheet Reporter delivers a solution that the clients want. This is visible via their international client references and also via their partnership with Microsoft.

“We have the most user-friendly and best time tracking solution on the market today,” says the CEO in TimeSheet Reporter, “and we’re also planning on having that tomorrow.”




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