TimeSheet Reporter in Front: Now Microsoft Windows 8 Certified

Microsoft Windows 8 Certified – Press Release, September 2012


TimeSheet Reporter in Front: Now Microsoft Windows 8 Certified

Microsoft Partner and software company, TimeSheet Reporter, which makes it possible to report time via your Outlook calendar is now Windows 8 certified – even before Windows 8 is officially released.

Always In Front

TimeSheet Reporter has again and again proved that they are always in front. This is underlined by the recent Microsoft Windows 8 certification of their product, TimeSheet Reporter or TSR as it’s also known.
CEO, Thomas Testmann says: “It’s paramount to us that we provide the best time reporting solution to our customers. So we keep pushing ourselves to deliver the best. This is also why we have already gotten TimeSheet Reporter certified for Windows 8, even before it’s officially released.”

Partnership with Microsoft Important

Thomas Testmann says: “Our partnership with Microsoft is very important to us. Our products are based on Microsoft products, so we always work on staying on or more steps ahead of the game.”
This focus has resulted in that TimeSheet Reporter is now ready to provide their products when their customers decide to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8.

A Stamp of Approval from Microsoft

Getting TimeSheet Reporter certified for Windows 8 is like a stamp of approval from Microsoft. It tells the customers that the product is so good that Microsoft officially approves of it.

The Party Does Not End Here

TimeSheet Reporter has proven again and again that it wants to be the best software solution for timesheet reporting purposes.
This is also why the product is created the way it is. In traditional time reporting systems, it can be a real hassle for employees to report their time, having to log in to different systems, remember what and when they did what, and then manually enter it.
TimeSheet Reporter uses the Outlook calendar, and makes it possible to add some extra info to the appointments, which can then be used for time reporting.
CEO, Thomas Testmann says: “We want to be the best timesheet reporting solution out there, both today and also tomorrow.”


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