TimeSheet Reporter: The Ideal Appointment Tracking Software

TimeSheet Reporter: The Ideal Appointment Tracking Software

TimeSheet Reporter: The Ideal Appointment Tracking Software

Since a lot of businesses already use Microsoft Outlook as appointment tracking software, it only makes sense to use it for timesheet reporting as well. TimeSheet Reporter does just that, incorporating the often tedious task of keeping track of your hours into the familiar Outlook Calendar so that it becomes neither inordinately difficult nor unreasonably time-consuming.

Appointment Tracking Software Made By Experts

The TimeSheet Reporter appointment tracking software was created by IT experts with over 40 years of experience in the business, and an intimate understanding of the importance of correct timesheet reporting to any company aiming for success in today’s highly competitive market. The team recognizes just how valuable the correct reporting of hours can be for a company, whether it bills its clients based on the time spent on their projects or simply wishes to get a better handle on how employees spend their time at work.

Accurate timekeeping translates into accurate (and possibly more profitable) billing, and understanding how your employees work will help all of you do better in the long run.

TSR works by turning appointments made in the Outlook Calendar into a timesheet. It accomplishes this by allowing users to add extra information to the appointment, including the project and organization it’s for, as well as the activity that is meant to be accomplished during that time.

Further comments can be added once the appointment is done to prepare it for submission to a supervisor. This supervisor can then approve the entry and if he/she wishes, share it with ERP, CRM, and various accounting systems using the TSR DataBridge module included in the package. In addition to keeping all of your company’s data in synch and standardized, this allows for quick and efficient invoicing when the time comes to bill your clients.

There are many features incorporated into TSR to maximize its functionality and portability. For one thing, it is possible to update appointments regardless of whether a user is online or offline. This prevents delays in reporting hours, and the resulting inaccuracies: users can add notes to an appointment they’ve just finished ,while they’re still on the road, and send it for approval as soon as they have internet access again.

While TimeSheet Reporter’s incredible features speak for themselves, the application also has a long list of satisfied clients who readily sing its praises. Your company can experience the benefits of using TSR’s appointment tracking software firsthand by signing up for a free trial on this website.


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