Timesheet Reporting – How To Be Better

Timesheets are not simply tools that help in the payroll computation process but are tools that help in increasing employee productivity as well as business profitability. It is important therefore that organizations choose the right timesheet reporting tool for their employees to report their time.

TimeSheet Reporting

TimeSheet Reporting

Timesheet Reporting – How To Be Better

Traditionally, timesheets were simply paper documents that employees would manually enter their times into – these timesheets would be manually collected and the payrolls calculated. Naturally, it was not unusual for some sheets to be lost, for employees to not make entries or to make wrong entries, and for errors to be made in payroll calculations. This not only led to great employee dissatisfaction but also to loss of productivity since accounting staff would have to spend hours in identifying where the errors were and in resolving disputes. Later spreadsheets and specially designed software were used to help employees in timesheet reporting. This made payroll computations more accurate but some of the earlier problems still continued.

Timesheet reporting is necessary for every project and for every task associated with the project. It helps management understand how long it normally takes for a task or activity to be completed, if a project is running on course or if any corrective measure needs to be taken and finally if there are any areas that need to be improved.
For an employee however, this translates into timesheet reporting for every task, for every project the person is working on. If the employee is working on multiple projects, he or she will have to enter different systems to enter time. If employees are busy working on multiple projects at the same time, it is possible that they do not remember exactly how many hours they spend on each task or project. This no doubt results in under-reporting, as employees would rather report lesser number of hours than have to account for more hours. These kind of errors in timesheet reporting lead to a fairly large loss in revenue for the company and more importantly, lead to erroneous conclusions about how much time is needed to complete any project.

It is therefore important that companies look at better ways to manage their timesheet reporting – ways that will make their employees enter their times more easily and accurately, avoid under-reporting of hours and give management useful data to form better estimates about project execution times.

TimeSheet Reporter is a timesheet reporting tool that comes with all these features and more. Designed to be used easily with the Outlook Calendar, TimeSheet Reporter also integrates very easily with existing systems such as accounting, ERP or CRM systems.

Traditional problems such as errors in payroll computation are no longer a concern and management can use the data provided by timesheet reporting to understand exactly how much effort different tasks take.

Rather than looking at timesheet reporting tools as a mere administrative or accounting tool, companies should look at it as a complete productivity tool and learn how to get better with timesheet reporting with comprehensive software such as TimeSheet Reporter.



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