Timesheet reporting software – Track Employee Time in the Best Possible Way

Timesheet reporting software – Track Employee Time in the Best Possible Way

Timesheet reporting software – Track Employee Time in the Best Possible Way

Time tracking can be pretty overwhelming no matter the size of your organization. It would be taxing and confusing to use a simple Excel sheet for this task, no matter if your organization consists of only a single person or several thousand.

The solution to this is to implement professional timesheet reporting software, to have an efficient system of tracking employee time.

However, there is still a challenge because most time reporting solutions today are too complex and not that easy to understand and use. It would take so many hours of training for one person to even become accustomed with the interface.

The Ideal Solution

The ideal solution is to have a simple and already familiar program, then supplement it with add-on software that will enhance its capability to cater the time reporting requirements of your company. Fortunately, this type of program already exists today, and the solution is TimeSheet Reporter.

This application uses the Microsoft Outlook Calendar as its base, and runs as a supplemental software as previously mentioned. The interface is quite familiar for users, so there is no need for any extensive trainings. Only a quick orientation is necessary to implement it.

Even if this program is so simple to use, it can effectively handle the complicated task of monitoring and recording all the time reporting of all company employees no matter how many they are.

Other Features of Timesheet Reporting Software

There are many important features to this enhanced Outlook-based software. Below are some of them:

Employee time monitoring

The software’s main function is to actually monitor the time spent by employees on their specific tasks and/or on other projects that they are a part of. This is a tool to measure and improve employee efficiency and productivity within the organization, as well as see how time is spent. Employees may also be motivated to keep performing at a high level because they are able to manage their time well and can also clearly see their improvement as time goes by.

Billable time reporting

Employees who are working in the field to serve clients can easily and accurately report their time spent per client. This is essential for accurate customer billing, which is an advantage for the company as well.

Timesheet reports

Another function of this timesheet reporting software is to generate timesheet reports. The software comes with a great reporting function, so that you can easily get an overview of how time has been spent. You can also import and export data if you want to.

The great thing about the Outlook-based program is that it is so easy to use, which makes time reporting quite simple as well. All timesheet data can be encoded in real time, even if an employee is not connected online, so the integrity and accuracy of the data is maintained.

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