Timesheet Software for Microsoft Outlook – Really?

Timesheet Software for Microsoft Outlook – Really?

Timesheet Software for Microsoft Outlook – Really?

Having the Microsoft Outlook Calendar as the basis of your company’s timesheet reporting is a good idea in a lot of ways. For one, it is accessible because Outlook usually comes already pre-installed on most office computers. Another benefit is the familiarity of most users on how to use it. However, if you want to make it even more functional to cater to your exact business needs, you can complement it with professional timesheet software for Microsoft Outlook, such as TSR.

Enhanced Outlook Solution

The supplemental software for the Outlook application, making it possible to report time via your calendar appointments, enhances the capability of the system without taking away its practicality and user-friendliness. Time tracking and monitoring will surely become more efficient. At the same time, it will also be a breeze for your employees and will not take up a lot of their time.

Other conventional time reporting solutions are so complex that employees are not encouraged to use them at all. It takes half a workday, and sometimes even a few workdays, just to be able to submit a decent timesheet report. An enhanced Outlook solution enables them to create a perfect report in seconds as data are inputted in real time as soon as it takes place.

Timesheet Software for Microsoft Outlook: Importance of Obtaining Real-time Data

This real-time encoding ensures that all data are as accurate as possible, leading to correct customer billing and authentic information for your company’s team leaders to examine. The company is affected when billings are inaccurate. Overbilling affects the company’s reputation and customer service, while underbilling hits the revenue negatively.

Meanwhile, inaccurate information received by team leaders will affect how they run the company. When the integrity of available data is compromised, they will not be able to make the best decisions or changes to improve the business. Timesheet software for Microsoft Outlook like TimeSheet Reporter takes care of all that.

Other Features

Apart from keeping it simple for your employees and making sure that you get accurate and authentic data, this enhanced Outlook-based timesheet program can be integrated with other existing company systems as well, such as ERP, CRM, and accounting. The ability to share data with your other systems is quite useful especially when creating invoices, internal reports, and also annual reports that are wide-ranging and all-inclusive. Timesheet data can benefit these systems and will definitely improve business processes and the entire operations.

Another great feature of this system is its accessibility even without being connected online. Field workers can update their timesheets via Outlook even when offline. And if they don’t have access to their computer but do have an internet connection, they can still report time by using their smartphones, tablets, or any other mobile device that has an internet browser. This is very convenient as they do not have to come back to the office just to encode their timesheet data.

Overall, the enhancement that TimeSheet Reporter timesheet software for Microsoft Outlook brings to the application is highly beneficial for the whole organization and its stakeholders, from the management and team leaders to the employees and clients.

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