Timesheet Software Integrated with Outlook

Timesheet Software Integrated with Outlook

Timesheet Software Integrated with Outlook

The use of employee timesheet software is gradually becoming the trend in today’s business world. The reason is simple: Time tracking helps your company’s employees become more productive. It also benefits the employees themselves because they get to monitor their progress on a specific project or task as well as overall. This makes work easier and more motivating. The most highly recommended solution today is timesheet software integrated with Outlook, such as TimeSheet Reporter.

Issues with Traditional Timesheet Software

Not all time reporting solutions are the same. Some traditional timesheet applications require a lot of time and effort to make a single report. Worse, the data included are most often not accurate. This is because a user will have to recall what he or she did and where time was spent in the past couple of days before encoding it in the system. In other words, time tracking and monitoring is not done in real time because the system is not capable to do so.

Another common problem is that most timesheet solutions are too complicated to use. It takes a lot of hours of training to successfully implement it in a company. And even if employees get to undergo the complete training, they will still have a hard time using it because the interface is simply not user-friendly. The result: Employees won’t comply with the office time tracking policy, and they are justified because they are actually more productive because of the non-compliance than when they are trying to follow it.

The solution is to have a more manageable time reporting system that is also highly functional in terms of professional use. All of these problems are solved by using time-tracking software with Outlook.

The Microsoft Outlook Solution: Timesheet Software Integrated with Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a common application that is typically used by office workers to manage their time at work. Building on Outlook to implement a time reporting system is a great idea as the users will certainly have an easier time crafting and submitting their reports because they are already familiar with it.

To accommodate your organization’s business requirements, supplemental software like TimeSheet Reporter is added to Outlook. This add-on software lets a user create a comprehensive timesheet report in seconds, and not hours or even days. It also lets employees record and monitor their time on regular tasks and special projects both in real time. This ensures that accurate data is reported to company leaders for their perusal.

Furthermore, additional benefits of this Outlook-based solution is that it is accessible even when the user is out in the field and not connected online. This is a huge advantage during field work when company personnel are servicing a customer. The program will allow them to encode billable time in real time, resulting in a more accurate customer invoicing. Truly, this timesheet software integrated with Outlook is the ideal solution.

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