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Timesheet Software – What To Look For

TimeSheet Software

Timesheet Software – What To Look For

An effective timesheet software meets the challenge of accurately registering employee time, of streamlining the billing and payroll processes and more importantly compiling useful project data that will help businesses improve overall productivity. Let us explain some of these features of timesheet software in greater detail.

TimeSheet Software

Features of Great TimeSheet Software

  • A timesheet software that allows for timesheet reporting and has a friendly interface is always a very useful tool for employees. Rather than having to learn new software or having to train employees in using new timesheet software, if the software leverages tools that employees are already familiar with, it can save the company a lot of time and effort.
  • Companies that have large mobile forces such as sales, marketing or technicians often find that their employees are unable to enter their timesheets because they cannot log into the system. A timesheet software that allows employees to submit timesheets even they are offline, synchronizing and updating timesheets once they are online, can be a great aid to workers on the move.
  • Timesheets are normally approved or disapproved by supervisors. If the timesheet software allows employees room to insert comments about the task they were working on, it will be a lot easier for supervisors to quickly approve of the timesheet. Else they might end up disapproving a timesheet, creating great employee dissatisfaction and spending hours resolving a pay dispute.
  • The timesheet software should be easy to use for supervisors as well. Instead of having to manually keep track of the number of hours that have to be reported, the timesheet software can track the number of billable hours that have to come in each day and remind supervisors if there is a discrepancy. Notifications can also be sent to employees who have not sent in their timesheets.
  • Finally, a comprehensive timesheet software should assist top management in understanding the status of a project so that corrective measures can be taken when necessary. It should also help them make better estimates of the time taken to complete any task so that future projects can be scheduled accordingly.

If you are looking for a timesheet software that has all these features, you need not look beyond TimeSheet Reporter. This unique timesheet software has all the features mentioned above and more.

TimeSheet Reporter works with Outlook calendar and is therefore very easy for employees to understand and start working with. Rather than use any other system to register their times or submit their timesheets, workers can now continue using their Outlook calendar and simply submit their timesheets once they are done. TimeSheet Reporter has an administration module that allows supervisors to quickly overview timesheets. It can also generate standard reports for project managers to make them aware of the current status of projects and the time taken for different tasks. Employees can use cached profiles to register their time even when they are offline and TimeSheet Reporter will take care of synchronization once they are online again.

With powerful integration capabilities, TimeSheet Reporter allows a business to identify areas it can improve in thereby making it more agile and competitive.



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