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Track Project Time And Be More Effective And Profitable

Track Project Time

For a long time, project management and in particular, time management was done with the help of a few post-its, a wristwatch and a mental note of what task took how much time. However, you can now find great project management software that let you track project time, collaborate with your colleagues and customers better and organize your business better. In particular, a good timesheet reporting tool that allows employees to effectively track project time can not only help in ensuring that the project is completed on time but can end up earning more revenue for your company.

Track Project Time

Track Project Time And Be More Effective And Profitable

As project managers the world over will vouch for, there are many aspects of managing a project that are subjective. And this happens more often than not when they track project time and monitor the way employees spend their time. While an employee might be devoting time to doing a certain task in a better way, it might come off as dawdling to the supervisor. In another case, a client meeting that should have taken an hour but went on for an hour more might be frowned upon by the supervisor. If there is information that the additional hour went into finalizing details of a new project that was given to the company, the supervisor will be able to easily approve of it.

Time management software and in particular timesheet software allows both employees and management to track project time and to see that the project is indeed moving forward as it should be. It allows them to take immediate in-course corrections so that the project can be brought back up to speed and later form an estimate of how long future projects of a similar nature can take. These tools should also allow employees the opportunity of providing additional information about the tasks or activities that they have completed, if they feel so.

The Best Way to Track Project Time

We created TimeSheet Reporter as a timesheet reporting tool that takes both views into account – that of the staff and management. It builds on the infrastructure that your organization is already using and makes it easy for employees and managers to track project time.
For example, employees can schedule their meetings or tasks as they would normally do with the Outlook calendar and once they are done, they can simply submit their timesheet. No logging into different systems or having to keep track of different projects. Management can get an overview of the number of hours each project or task is taking, they can get standard reports that tell them where efficiency of a task can be improved and they can integrate TimeSheet Reporter into existing ERP, CRM or accounting systems to improve efficiency across all business functions.

TimeSheet Reporter is thus more than just a tool to track project time – it helps project managers in more ways than one. From increasing revenue through accurate billing of hours spent on customer projects to understanding areas where business efficiency can be increased, TimeSheet Reporter manages to be a complete productivity tool.



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