TSR 5.9.18 Released

TSR 5.9.18 Released

TSR 5.9.18 Released

We’ve just released version 5.9.18 of TSR which includes some great enhancements.

These enhancements include:

Easier Installation

We’ve removed the Exchange flag option when installing TSR to minimize the user interaction needed during installation.

User group specific activities

In this version you can now specify if certain user groups on a project should only have access to a subset of the activities on the project. This will enhance the overview for users even more.

Layout optimization

We’ve optimized the layout in TSR WebAdmin, which should make things even more user-friendly and faster for you.

High resolution support

Enhanced support for high definition screens, such as Retina, in the TSR Outlook User Agent.

Delete user groups

It’s now possible to delete user groups in TSR.

Italian version

TSR is now available in Italian together with all the other languages that we support.

Outlook 2016 support

The new version of TSR is now also supporting Microsoft Outlook 2016.

Other improvements

Besides the above, we’ve also made other improvements to TSR, which will make things even better for you and your time reporting.

Note: Last version to support Office 2007

Also, please note that this will be the last version to support Office 2007. The standard installer only supports the newer versions of Office, so if you need it for Office 2007, please contact us. But as said, this will be the final version of TSR to support Office 2007.
There are a lot of other good reasons to upgrade your Office, so we encourage you to do so.


How to get the new version

We’ve already upgraded your WebAdmin, so all you need to do is to upgrade your TSR Outlook User Agents to the latest version. You can get this from the same download link as you used for the version before this.

If you’re running the on-premise version of TSR, please contact us to get the latest kit.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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