TSR 6.4.1 Launched

TSR 6.4.1 Launched

TSR 6.4.1 Launched

We’ve just launched a new version of TSR (6.4.1).

Some of the new features include:

Manager approval

On your user profiles a new tab is now available, called ‘Managers’. Here you can define who the user’s managers are.
On Projects, under ’Approver group’, there are now two options: ’Managers’ and ’Specified user group’.
If ‘Managers’ is selected, this will use the managers for the individual users to approve hours.
Note that manager groups can vary from user to user, so who will approve hours will vary from user to user on the project.
If ‘Specified user group’ is selected, you can select a user group as today, to approve hours for all users on the project.

Expanded date formats

On date formats under user settings, more date formats have been added.

Search criteria remembered

On the approval page and list time entries page, search criteria are now remembered.

Matrix view start day

In user settings you can now define the first day of the week (for example Sunday or Monday).
When a user opens the Matrix-view of time entries the start date will be the first day of the current week.

Much more

The new update also includes other improvements and functions.


How to get the new version

WebAdmin on hosted accounts has already been updated.
As always, we highly recommend that you install the latest version of the TSR Outlook User Agent.

You can get the latest installation kit via the same link you used the last time. If in doubt, you’re welcome to contact us.

For on-premise clients, kindly contact us to get the newest version.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this new version.


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