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TSR 6.4.6 Released

TSR 6.4.6 Released

TSR 6.4.6 Released

We’re very happy to announce the release the new version of TSR (6.4.6).

This version includes many new features including the following:

Maximum hours on appointments

It is now possible to set up a maximum length value on appointments. This means that if you try to create an appointment that exceeds this, you’ll get a warning asking if you’re sure.
This could be for example if you’ve set the maximum length to 8 hours and you try to create an appointment on 10 hours.
You set this value in your user settings.

Location on Expense lines

It will now be possible to add locations to your Expense lines in TSR.

Download the TSR user agent from WebAdmin

We’ve made it a lot easier for you to download the TSR Outlook User Agent. It’s now possible to download it directly from TSR WebAdmin, which will also include the information you need when installing.
This video will show you how to upgrade from now on: How to upgrade OUA.

Font on printed reports

We’ve updated the font on printed reports, so that it looks a lot better.


How to get the new version

If you have the hosted TSR solution, your server part will already have been upgraded.
All you need to do now is to upgrade your TSR Outlook User Agent. Please click here to see how…

On-premise clients, please contact us to get the newest kit.

We highly recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this new version.



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