This has resulted in that our overview of internal resources has improved significantly
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TSR 6.5.9 Launched – Use the Calendar Overview

TSR 6.5.9 Launched – Use the Calendar Overview

TSR 6.5.9 Launched – Use the Calendar Overview

We’re happy to announce the launch of TSR version 6.5.9.

Some of the major new features in this version:

Add TSR info to multiple entries

It is now possible to select multiple regular Outlook appointments and add TSR info to them all via the Ribbon area.
You can then either save or submit them.
For more details, please see this article – Click here…

Do not ask again for save confirmation

When using TSR via the Ribbon area in the calendar overview, and you click ‘Save’, it is now possible to disable the confirmation popup message.

Delete appointments from the calendar overview

It is now possible to delete appointments with TSR info directly from the calendar overview, without having to list them or open them first.


We hope that you’ll like these new features and strongly recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible.

On how to upgrade, please click here…

Thank you.

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