TSR 7.3.2 Launched

TSR 7.3.2 Launched
TSR 7.3.2 Launched

We’re glad to announce that a new version of TSR has just been launched.

Support for Outlook on Mac and Web

As you know we recently launched a new version of TSR (TSR OUA Light), which allows you to use TSR on Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Web.

For more info about this, please click here…

Incoming appointments

As you may know, due to the way that Outlook (not TSR) identifies appointments, we don’t recommend using TSR on incoming meeting invitations, but instead create a new separate one. As mentioned, this is due to the way that Outlook identifies appointments, and how this can affect data, when for example a meeting is changed by the organizer.

We’ve therefor introduced an option, so that when you click on the TSR button, on an incoming appointment, it offers you to create a new separate entry, where you can add TSR info.

This should make life easier for everybody.

Simplified installer

We’ve also simplified the installer, so that you’ll be presented with fewer input fields as well as Windows.

This should also make things easier for you.

Access to WebAdmin

Sometimes, when accessing WebAdmin, it can take a few moments to load. We therefor recommend using another address, when accessing WebAdmin, which will give a better user experience.

Installing the new version, will send you to this new WebAdmin address, when accessing TSR WebAdmin, using the button in the TSR Outlook add-in.

If you have WebAdmin saved as a browser favorite, please contact us, and we can send you the new URL, which we’d recommend using.

Please upgrade as soon as possible

As always, you should be running the latest version of TSR, so we’d recommend getting the above upgrade as soon as possible.

You can see how to get it here: https://www.timesheetreporter.com/support/tsr-outlook-user-agent-installation/

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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