TSR 7.3.3 Launched

TSR 7.3.3 Launched
TSR 7.3.3 Launched


As you may have noticed, we launched a new version of TSR a few days ago.

In this version we’ve implemented duration warning, so that it also works with OUA Light in addition to the traditional Outlook User Agent (you can read more about duration warning here…).

Besides that we’ve also optimized the Organization page on TSR WebAdmin, so that it’s much faster, and also improved TSR DataBridge import of projects so that also works a bit faster than previously.

We hope that you’ll enjoy these improvements.

Your account and updating

Your account has been updated, so no need to do anything on your part.
However, always make sure that you run the latest version of the TSR Outlook User Agent (see how to update here…).


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