TSR Launches New Book – Get it for Free

We’ve just launched a book about what you should be aware of when choosing a timesheet reporting solution.

From the book description:

TSR Launches New Book - Get it for Free

TSR Launches New Book – Get it for Free

“This book contains proven steps and strategies on how you can manage your timesheet reporting through a software solution that is affordable, effective, and simple to use. Many companies have utilized these timesheet reporting software solutions because of their proven effectiveness in simplifying the timesheet reporting process from registering time to preparing reports and client invoices.

See how you can now enhance your organization with timesheet reporting software that is user-friendly and can make it easy for your organization and project teams to log in their time and thus let your company come up with timely and accurate payrolls and invoices, as well as better control and overview.” 

Currently the book is only available on Amazon Kindle (which you can also get for your PC/Mac), and you can get it for free Thursday (today) through Sunday from this link:


We hope that you will enjoy it.