Update: Flextime in TSR and advanced Sum/Day

TSR 6.5.17 - Update: Flextime in TSR and advanced Sum/Day

TSR 6.5.17 – Update: Flextime in TSR and advanced Sum/Day

We’ve just released a new version of TSR (6.5.17) which we hope that you’ll enjoy:

Support for flextime in TSR

We’ve now made it possible to easily get an overview of how many hours a user has reported compared to what they should have reported. This can be very useful if you have some sort of flextime in your organization.

Until now we’ve had the notification function for this. This, however, only works on a day-by-day basis, meaning that it will show/notify if you’re missing hours (or have reported more hours) on a daily basis, which works great for a lot of purposes.
The new addition will now make it possible to use the reporting function to see how many hours were supposed to be reported for a specified time frame (for example a week, month or year) and compare it with the actual number of reported hours in the same period. This is calculated as a total, so not on a day-by-day basis.
So for example if you’re supposed to report 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, this would equal 40 total. If the report shows that you’ve reported 42 hours, it will display this as well as your +2 hours.

You can see how to set it up and use it here: Flextime in TSR

Sum/Day: Now with percentages and Activity Type

When you select ‘Sum/Day’ on the general report, you can now also select Activity Type, besides Project, Organization, Day, etc. This will give you the sum per day, as well as the total for the selected, both overall as well as for the individual user (just select ‘Split by user’).

Besides this, it will now also show percentages for each user, comparing what you selected as ‘Sum/Day’, so for example that 20% was spent on a specific activity, 30% on another, and so on.

How to get access

We’ve already upgraded your WebAdmin so that you have access to the above, and as always also recommend that you upgrade your TSR Outlook User Agent to the newest version. On how to upgrade your TSR agent, please click here…

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out.