Using a Time Tracker to Improve Your Business

Using a Time Tracker to Improve Your Business

Using a Time Tracker to Improve Your Business

Since the dawn of time, we have been evolving to a more organized world. We have learned that time has a value to it and we have also learned how to use it at optimal levels. The biggest issue with time tracking is in being able to get a proper solution.

The process of optimizing your business is not an easy one and you need to learn to track time efficiently. The ability to track the hours you work on any kind of activity, project or assignment is going to be essential if you want to improve your business significantly. There are many time tracking methods. Some range from the most simplistic as the use of a notebook and the popular ‘guesstimate’ system which is basically leaving the time tracking to trust on what other people tell you.

The problem with the ‘guesstimate’ system is that you won’t have any kind of accuracy at all and it can sometimes be difficult to remember what exactly was done and when. Rough estimates and hours worked are impossible to measure properly if you have no way to track the time. The use of a paper method is marginally better, but you could lose it, you would also look very unprofessional if you send a scan of your handwriting with a time tracking report – not to mention people might not understand your handwriting.

There are other ways to track time, but you need a time tracking solution that is truly accurate and meant for that purpose alone. The first thing to do is to have Outlook on your computer. This is the most essential software that you need for time tracking. Then, you need to have a time tracker that you can integrate with Outlook for optimal results.

The features of a good time tracker

Proper time tracking requires a number of features in order for it to be truly effective. The first thing is to find a good time tracking system that integrates seamlessly with Outlook. This is essential because there is no other software available today that is as useful as Outlook for office use, but you do need to incorporate a good system that supercharges Outlook to turn it into the ultimate time tracker.

Tracking appointments

Being able to include all kinds of important and relevant information to appointments is also going to be crucial for a successful result. This is going to allow you to get the most reliable results when you need to explain why a certain appointment has been scheduled a certain way or any reasons for an appointment to be rejected. This is very helpful if you are looking for detailed information when requested for any reason.

Integration and sharing

Another powerful feature that needs to be incorporated into an efficient time tracker is quick integration and sharing with other systems, for example accounting systems and management software, or simply Excel. This is going to be crucial for a successful result because it will increase productivity and it will optimize time management. If you want to make time tracking truly efficient, you also need to make time management optimal.

Quick overviews

Being able to gain quick access to overviews on how time is being spent on any specific project is always helpful because it allows you to fine-tune anything that might be deficient. This is very useful when you want to optimize projects on the go and it will give you a chance to get optimal results.

Having the ability to generate standard reports is also a key factor for efficiency because it will make it much easier for you and your team to evaluate the way time is being used on any kind of project.

Hourly rates reports

This is extremely important if you are looking to see the kind of cost and revenue you are dealing with when you have any kind of fixed fee projects to handle, as well as hourly billed projects. A good overview on cost, revenue and profit is never complete without hourly rates reports. This is the best way to keep time tracking at the most optimized levels possible.

Robust security

A safe and secure login system that allows you to keep the system protected is very important. Having the ability to control user access and being able define specific user credentials for each user is going to be very important. You don’t want the same level of access for your entire workforce. This is a crucial feature to have in any time tracking system.

Other important features

Being able to work both online and offline on the information in the system is also a big plus. A notification system that alerts of any timesheet entries that might be missing is also going to reinforce your efficiency. It should also have access via mobile devices and this is going to supercharge productivity for everyone that uses the system.

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