Using Outlook as Timesheet Reporting Tool

Using Outlook as Timesheet Reporting tool

Using Outlook as Timesheet Reporting Tool

Timesheet reporting is not only a method to help make payroll processing accurate but more importantly to improve employee efficiency and to consistently reach operational excellence, as well as invoice clients correctly. These elements directly influence a company’s success and profitability, so it is essential for any organization to have the ideal timesheet reporting application for its team members to track time. Using Outlook as timesheet reporting tool is the best way to do it.

Timesheet Reporting – Then and Now

Before the advent of computers and the internet, timesheets were just paper forms that employees would need to update every now and then. There were a lot of disadvantages in this kind of manual timesheet recording, which is why so many time tracking applications were invented later on.

However, as the world became more and more modernized, the business requirements of each company became more and more complex as well. This gave birth to a number of timesheet reporting tools that are as complex to use as they are as modern.

The problem with these complex programs is that employees are having a hard time using them and incorporating them with their daily work tasks. They find time tracking burdensome because they have to stop doing their primary job descriptions and give immense time to it. For instance, it takes them one work day, or several days, just to make a decent timesheet report. This method is actually time-consuming and taxing for the employee.

Using Outlook as Timesheet Reporting tool

The solution to the problem of complication is to utilize a program that is simple, familiar, and easy to use and understand. The Microsoft Outlook Calendar can provide these attributes when it’s coupled with a solid time reporting tool like TimeSheet Reporter. However, as said, to increase the capability of the Outlook Calendar to accommodate technical business needs, a supplemental plugin is integrated to it.

With this integration, simplicity and proficiency are combined. This makes the enhanced Outlook-based timesheet reporting application the perfect time tracking and monitoring system you can implement in your offices.

Benefits of Using Outlook as Timesheet for Employees

The number one benefit of using Outlook as timesheet management tool is that it makes time reporting so much easier for employees. In truth, time tracking can really help improve an employee’s productivity because he or she becomes aware of how he or she spends time in the daily work tasks and in special projects that he or she may be involved in. When the employee is aware of the time management issues, he or she can adjust accordingly to make him- or herself more efficient.

As employees become more efficient at work, their confidence also improves. They become more motivated and enthusiastic because they are experienced the feeling of success and accomplishment that comes with being productive.

These advantages are being hindered because of complicated time tracking solutions. When using Outlook as timesheet tool, employees can finally enjoy the benefits of accurate time tracking and reporting.

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