Vacation Tracking in your Outlook Calendar

Having a vacation tracking calendar system

Vacation Tracking in your Outlook Calendar

Vacation Tracking in your Outlook Calendar

Everyone needs a vacation once in a while, and your employees are not immune from that need either. And if your organization has a sizeable workforce, it might be one hectic task, if not downright impossible, to keep a track of the vacation schedules of all your employees regularly, over a prolonged period of time. Any experienced HR professional would tell you how difficult and error prone it is for their department to track and maintain a detailed vacation tracking calendar if a dedicated and advanced system for handling the same is not in place.

Even though it may sound easy to some outsiders, tracking an entire workforce’s individual time offs including sick-day, vacation, paid leave, unpaid time off, personal time offs etc. was never a cakewalk yesterday and neither will it be tomorrow. Plus, toss in the fact that even the slightest of mistake here and there could lead to embarrassing errors in employees’ payroll calculations and other due benefits. Hence it is important for all emerging and established organizations to put an extra effort into finding the right vacation tracking calendar system for your employees, empowering yourself with the ability to conduct all these operations in a smooth and hassle free manner, leaving no scopes for any sort of mistakes whatsoever.

Track vacation time with TimeSheet Reporter and Microsoft Outlook

Fortunately for you, Microsoft’s email and calendar client application Outlook, has a great calendar function. And together with a sophisticated Outlook plugin like TimeSheet Reporter, you just get the right combo for efficiently tracking everybody’s vacation schedule with merely a few clicks on the mouse, and thus having a great vacation tracking platform.

TimeSheet Reporter, when integrated with MS Outlook, gives you a totally easy, ready-to-go and automated vacation tracking calendar system that hardly requires any effort on the part of the users. TSR also supports manual entering of time. This feature comes particularly handy when you are unable to access your Outlook account for some technical or other reasons. And since you can do all your time reporting, including your vacation tracking, right in the Outlook calendar, you don’t need to go through the hassle of working in another software program and switch between windows every 15 sec or so for the same purpose, which is generally the case with traditional time reporting systems, unlike TimeSheet Reporter. That’s indeed a major leap when it comes to work efficiency.

With TimeSheet Reporter, you can simply have a project, for example called ‘Internal Projects’ and under that an activity for example called ‘Vacation’. You then simply report time on this project and activity to track your vacation time.

And it’s not only about vacation tracking either. TimeSheet Reporter is an one stop solution for your organization’s time management requirements. Whether, you want to use it for keeping a check on your employees’ individual and team performance, your organization’s collective productivity and efficiency, or other tasks, TimeSheet Reporter alongside Microsoft Outlook can do them all. You can even keep an updated record of the future holidays your employees have applied for or have been granted – this, needless to say, is an essential feature that you can smartly utilize to plan things out in the future.

As a high-caliber timesheet reporting and vacation tracking tool, TimeSheet Reporter brings you a range of other features apart from just vacation tracking. You can see a list of all the TSR features here – TSR features.

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