What is Employee Time Sheet Software?

What is Employee Time Sheet Software?

What is Employee Time Sheet Software?

In today’s digitalized world, companies have embraced the use of employee time sheet software as it saves on time and resources. These are software products that allow people in an organization to submit their time entries in real time. It also helps in tracking the amount of time spent on a particular project. Such a product comes in handy whether it be for tracking time on billable hours, non-billable hours or internal projects. Some of the really great products uses the Outlook calendar as the basis for the time reporting, via the appointments. When a user has then submitted his or her time entries, a supervisor may then reject or approve them.

With traditional timesheet solutions, it takes a lot of time to report on a day’s activity to the specific supervisors. This is perhaps one of the things that most employees frequently complain about. Reason being, they have to go back to the work and check just how much time they spent on a particular project. A good time sheet software tracks all this in real time, hence no waste of time. Also, the timesheet reporting will be much more accurate since users will not have to recall what they did several days earlier.

Do I Really Need Employee Time Sheet Software?

Employees in most companies use the Outlook calendar to track their appointments. Great employee time sheet software, such as TimeSheet Reporter, also builds on the same principle and allows users to report time via their Outlook calendar, which reduces waste of time and resources. Unlike conventional reporting, this is accurate and exact, and every minute is accounted for, if wanted. In this way you will not only save time, you will also get a much more accurate tracking of your time spent and planned.

It also saves employees and management time used in doing reporting. The time entries are submitted in real time and the supervisor can go through them and either approve or reject them. You can also always get an overview of how time has been spent via build-in reporting. Earlier projects can be used as a point of reference for future projects as they are still in the system. A good employee time sheet software should also allow you to track sick leave and vacations as well.

Features of Ideal Employee Time Sheet Software

After having taken a look at how important the software is, let us now focus on what makes good time sheet software. The best software should allow you to share data with your other systems. That is the first element of an ideal timesheet system.

Apart from sharing data, your employee time sheet software should also work whether online or offline. It should not be dependent on internet connectivity. You should be able to access it at any given time. Furthermore, it should be accessible through your mobile devices like your smartphone or a web browser, meaning that you can access it from anywhere at anytime.

In addition the software should allow you report time via the Outlook calendar. This will save you time as well as resources, since it is then based on a platform that your users are comfortable working with.

We just gone over some of the very basics that a good employee time sheet software should cover. It is paramount that you find a solution that fits your organization and that is user-friendly and accurate.

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