What Is the Best Way To Track My Time? – A Common Question

What Is the Best Way To Track My Time? - A Common Question

What Is the Best Way To Track My Time? – A Common Question

For a typical office employee, a reliable time tracking program is crucial in boosting productivity. It provides a sense of fulfillment and can also lessen unnecessary stress. Companies should look more closely into this as success in business starts with happy and productive employees. If an employee can say “I’m glad to be able to track my time well!”, then the company is on its way to more breakthroughs in the future.

An enhanced Outlook-based time tracking system is the best way to track employee time these days. Based on the Microsoft Outlook Calendar and supplemented by customized software, such as TimeSheet Reporter, to make it tailor-fit to business requirements, it is surely a welcome addition to any company.

There are three reasons why this system is the best nowadays. Here they are:

1. It is user-friendly

The Outlook Calendar is a common program which is already installed on most office computers. A lot of people use it to manage their personal time and to create their own schedules as well.

Implementing a timesheet reporting system based on this familiar software would mean that you don’t have to conduct intensive training anymore. A simple orientation is enough to get your staff to understand it and use it, which will produce savings in terms of training expenses as well as time.

Another advantage of this system is that making and generating reports is really easy, so the probability of compliance is high. Office personnel can really say that “It’s now so easy to track my time.” Unlike other time-reporting systems that are so complex that they are actually an inconvenience, Outlook-based time tracking allows employees to create a high quality report within seconds.

2. It is flexible

The familiarity of the Outlook Calendar makes it highly adaptable. Together with TimeSheet Reporter, users can utilize it not only to track their work schedules as well as the time spent on projects.

These are just some of the possible applications of this system, and there are many more. It can also be used outside the office even without internet access as it automatically updates itself once connection is re-established. And if you don’t have access to your Outlook, you can also create and update your timesheets via a web browser and via your smartphone.

3. It is functional

Lastly, this enhanced Outlook-based timesheet reporting system is practical and efficient. Again, taking advantage of the simplicity of the Outlook Calendar, together with the enablement and versatility provided by TSR, there is less stress and pressure to work on this kind of system. It’s actually easy for users.

The company’s management and executives can receive high quality and truly comprehensive reports without taking too much of their employees’ time. With that, the company’s leaders can decide better and faster with consistent reports, while employees become happier and more productive, saying that “this is indeed the best way to track my time.”

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