What’s the fastest and most effective way to track time?

What's the fastest and most effective way to track time?

What’s the fastest and most effective way to track time?

Time tracking and monitoring has been proven throughout the years as an integral part of any business. Some of the most notable benefits of time tracking are improved employee productivity, operational efficiency, accurate customer billing, well-organized project management, bigger savings, and better customer satisfaction. All of these have a direct positive effect on the company’s financial bottom-line.

Traditional or Advanced?

There has been a lot of time tracking programs and applications that have been offered in the market over the years, of very varying quality. Traditional time tracking solutions are executed manually. This means that a user has to manually type in data into a timesheet.

However, this method is deemed to be too cumbersome and annoying, especially for employees who already have a lot on their plate. It takes half the work day, and sometimes even a couple of days, just for a single, decent report to be finished and submitted. So instead of helping an office worker to become more efficient, the old system just takes more of their time away from their actual tasks, and it is usually also much more inaccurate.

The other extreme of this problem is that there are also some highly-advanced time tracking solutions available. Cutting-edge technology and software has been used, but were badly programmed and executed. It becomes too complicated and too complex for a regular office worker to understand and use. Because of its highly complex interface, employees simply overlook submitting timesheet reports as it would also take them a lot of time just to finish one.

What’s the fastest and most effective way to track time?

If you are looking for the fastest and most effective way to track time, then you should find something that is simple and easy to use, but at the same time highly functional and efficient as well.

Simplicity makes it easier for employees to comply with timesheet reporting. Efficiency makes it possible to achieve all the time tracking goals of the company.

The answer: The Microsoft Outlook Calendar with add-on software

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a common software program already used by most people to do their personal scheduling. It is also commonly used in most offices for employees to manage their own working hours. With its simplicity and familiarity, the Outlook Calendar is the perfect foundation of your timesheet software. That is, using it together with a third-party add-on solution, such as TimeSheet Reporter, can give you the best of all worlds.

To make the Calendar more functional, a supplemental software is added to it. This allows the program to cater to the specific time tracking needs of an organization, like employee time tracking, project time monitoring, and billable time recording, as well as sick leave, vacation, etc.

TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to add a few extra fields of information to your Outlook appointments, which then acts as timesheet entries.

It also includes reporting, data integration, smartphone access, timesheet approval and much more.

The fastest and most effective way

The enhanced Outlook-based time tracking solution is indeed the fastest and most effective way to track time in your business. The perfect combination of simplicity and advanced technology leads to accurate timesheet reports and 100 percent employee compliance every time.

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