Why Is Time Tracking With Outlook Crucial For Your Business?

Why Is Time Tracking With Outlook Crucial For Your Business?

Why Is Time Tracking With Outlook Crucial For Your Business?

There are a lot of things that you need to have when you run a business. One of those things that you might have overlooked in the past is time tracking with Outlook, which is a much more convenient and efficient way to track your time. The features of such a solution offers updated and accurate information about the amount of time you and other people within the business have spent working. If you do not use such a time tracking tool, you could actually be losing out on a larger profit due to inaccurate invoicing, payroll, not to mention loss of control over your projects (also those which are non-billable).

Avoid Issues with Overpaying and Underpaying When Using Time Tracking with Outlook

Overpaying employees for work that they did not do is bad because you lose out on money. It can cause your business to suffer because you are shelling out more money than you should have. Underpaying employees is just as bad. You would not want any of your employees to get shorthanded due to an irresponsible error on your part. Keep costs at bay with accurate reports using the time tracking with Outlook. In this way employees will track their time using a tool they already know – the MS Outlook calendar, together with a tool such as TimeSheet Reporter. This makes time reporting a lot easier and more accurate for everybody in the company.

You will be able to look through the time sheets uploaded through Outlook after tracking the time for each employee. Those time sheets will allow you to get the payroll processed faster and have salary paid to your employees in a timely manner. They will not have to wait around for money they earned, and you will have no worries in the meantime.

Also, this way of tracking time, will also make your billing of clients a lot more efficient and accurate – something they will also appreciate.

Internal projects will also be easier to manage and control due to the increased insight in what is going on and what progress has been made.

Offering a Convenient Option for the Employees

Not only can you benefit from time tracking with Outlook, your employees can benefit too. Your employees can easily review their time sheets to see how many hours they have put into working for the week. This allows employees to know what to expect when they receive their payment as well as how they progress with their projects. At the same time, you will have fewer employees asking you questions about payments and progress because they can all see it for themselves. Besides seeing the amount of hours worked, you are helping employees save time that they can then spend working. They can track time in Outlook instead of worrying about filling out traditional time sheets that can take a while to fill out and are often inaccurate.

Overall, the benefits of this tool are too tremendous to avoid. A time reporting tool can help you in more than one way, and you will begin to see the benefits within your business when you use such a tool. For example, after using the time tracking tool, you might notice that your business begins earning more than it originally was before. If you want to avoid error and have the most success, giving it a try certainly would not hurt your business.

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