Why Managers and Employees Love Outlook Timesheet Reporting

Why Managers and Employees Love Outlook Timesheet Reporting

Why Managers and Employees Love Outlook Timesheet Reporting

It’s not every business that has their employees work a regular 9 to 5 shift. Even if they do, there are still sure to be some who have employees that either work some amount of time from home, or perhaps even out in the field. It can be tough to keep track of what everyone is up to at any given time, but there are a couple of great tools that can be combined to make that task a no-brainer. Outlook timesheet reporting is the way in which many businesses now streamline the time tracking process, and all that is required is Microsoft Outlook and a powerful piece of time tracking software that can integrate with the calendar.

Why Businesses Love Outlook Timesheet Reporting

With no official time reporting system in place, keeping up with the hours worked by each employee can be a logistical nightmare. It’s not even just the hours worked that are a concern, as the amount of time being devoted to specific projects needs to be closely watched. By having employees keep their own records in their Outlook calendar and then having that integrated with the time tracking software, managers can instantly see who is doing what, and where, as well as how projects are progressing.

Having access to that sort of information makes it easier for businesses to make sure that they have all their bases covered, especially when they are juggling several different projects. It’s much easier to keep control of the finances in each project, and it’s also easy to see when some personnel may need to be moved around in order to cover those who are away on vacation or are out sick.

Why Employees Love Outlook Timesheet Reporting

Employees who don’t work in an office, or who are outside of traditional working hours, are aware that they need to let their employer know where they are going to be, and how many hours they will work on a given day. Using the Outlook calendar to keep track of their movements is pretty standard stuff, but it also may mean that they have to input the information twice if the time tracking software used by the company cannot be integrated with Outlook. When that happens, employees may wait longer to input their info because of the hassle, and that may mean that things get missed.

Automatic integration means that the info only has to be entered once, and with the right software, you can even make it happen without a Wi-Fi connection, which is incredibly handy for employees who spend a lot of time on the road. It also helps to know where their services will be required ahead of time, and also having the ability to approve submitted hours.

Time is money in business, and the more time that is wasted in fiddling with countless different systems, the less time employees have to work on their projects and be productive. Make sure that the time tracking software that you use makes things easier as opposed to more confusing.

There is a reason why our clients love our Outlook timesheet reporting solution.

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