Why Outlook Timesheet Reporting Software is Worth It

Why Outlook Timesheet Reporting Software is Worth It

Why Outlook Timesheet Reporting Software is Worth It

When it comes to either the company budget or the company’s time, efficiency is key. The more control a company has over the budget and over how the working hours are spent, the better it is for everyone concerned. Less waste means more resources being freed up, which makes it easier for employees to do their jobs, as well as increasing the levels of productivity. This, in turn, translates into higher profits for the company and potentially, higher compensation for its workers.

This is why a decision that involves spending a bit on something that could free up more time for the company is so important. While the usual goal of any company or business might be to minimize costs, spending just a bit on a program that can help streamline work processes and make them more efficient usually ends up paying for itself and then some.

Timesheet reporting not only shows how efficient employees are at managing their work day schedules. It also generates information that reveals how much time it takes to complete a project, task, or client order and where a company owner or director can streamline things better to optimize the business processes.

The Advantages of Using Outlook Timesheet Reporting

Popular programs in the workplace such as Microsoft Outlook have features that can make the time management practices easier and more efficient. The built-in Calendar, for instance, not only features an overview of a week or month’s schedule, but also allows for the scheduling or canceling of meetings and such.

There are also some programs out there that will enhance the Outlook calendar, and make Outlook timesheet reporting possible, taking the company to a whole new level of efficiency and effectiveness. TimeSheet Reporter’s timesheet reporting add-on to Microsoft Outlook does not even require that the user uses a separate program, but can be directly integrated with the popular Outlook calendar. Not only does it enable a company or a business to better track hours more accurately via the integration with Microsoft Outlook, but it also empowers company employees to easily report on their time even when they’re offline or on the road.

Apart from this, some of the other advantages being offered by Outlook timesheet reporting include the following:

  1. Increased functionality
    While Microsoft Outlook is already an effective application on its on, the added installation of an excellent timesheet report program makes Outlook even more handy. Apart from enabling many forms of communication (e.g., email, scheduling, etc.), a Microsoft Outlook with a great timesheet reporting program installed virtually functions as both a communication tool and a time tracking program in one. It thus offers more bang for an employer’s buck, so to speak.
  2. Increased Potential for Excellence and Streamlining
    A great Outlook timesheet reporting program can provide up-to-date and accurate reports on company processes. This condensed input greatly aids management to see where improvements are both possible and imminent, and the relatively speedy rate at which the information is generated enables them to act quickly to turn things in the right direction.
  3. User-friendliness
    Unlike some kinds of timesheet reporting programs, Outlook timesheet reporting is much easier for employees to use, especially if they have already been relying on the Outlook calendar to manage their schedule. It will then take very little briefing or training, if at all, to introduce employees to the steps involved in using the new program. As an added bonus, this also means that the company will not have to spend on additional training for their staff when it comes to learning how to use the new program.
  4. Better quality in terms of the company’s products and services
    Since Outlook timesheet reporting takes away a lot of the hassles and efforts involved with reporting on company time, employees and managers alike will have more time and energy on their hands to devise more ways to improve on their business’ products and services. Also, the resulting increase in levels of productivity and efficiency will mean that resources can be freed up in certain areas and can then be directed to the further improvement of your company’s offerings. This, in turn, translates to more satisfied customers and greater profitability.

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