How To Track Expenses in Outlook with Your Time Tracking

How To Track Expenses in Outlook with Your Time Tracking
How To Track Expenses in Outlook with Your Time Tracking

TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to track time via your Microsoft Outlook calendar, and furthermore also makes it possible to add expenses to your time entries.

This means that if you for example have had costs such as hotel or mileage or certain products, you can add that to your time entries, for example for reimbursement. It can also be used for items such as billable goods.

Just as with timesheets in TSR, Expenses come with an optional approval workflow. It also comes with build-in reporting for overview of expenses, and also comes with reimbursement reports readymade for signing by employees and management.

Tracking Expenses with TimeSheet Reporter

You can easily report expenses such as hotel stays, mileage, etc. by adding this to your time entries.

You can see how easy it is here:

This can also be done via a web interface, when that suits you better.

Approving Expenses

Just as with time entries in TSR, you can also optionally approve submitted expenses. This is also easily accomplished:

Easy Reporting and Reimbursement

With the Expenses feature in TSR, you can easily generate reports to get an overview of accrued expenses, and also use the build-in standard template for reimbursement documents:


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