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Adding/submitting Expenses – Outlook User Agent

Adding Expenses

When you want to add expenses to a TSR entry, do the following:

1. Click on the Advanced tab on your time entry.

2 OUAAddingExpense1

2. Click on the Expenses tab, and then on ‘Add expense’ to add new expense lines.

3 OUAAddingExpense2

3. Add the expenses that you want, and when done, click OK. Remember to save the time entry.

4 OUAAddingExpense3


Submitting Expenses

You can submit your expense sheet from your TSR time entry in Outlook, by going to the expense part of the time entry (see above), and then click ‘Submit expense sheet’.

5 OUASubmit1

You can also submit it together with the time entry, by simply submitting the time entry.

6 OUASubmit2