Changing the Calendar in TSR Outlook User Agent

If you need to change the calendar for TSR in Outlook, you should perform the following tasks before doing so:

  • • Consider if it is really necessary
  • • Make sure that all time entries are submitted to the server
  • • Run a full sync

Please note you are doing this on your own risk and that TimeSheet Reporter takes no responsibility for any data loss, data corruption etc. when doing this task.

After having followed the above, you can change the default calendar for TSR as follows:

Go to TSR Settings:

Select the “What to synchronize” tab, select the calendar., you will synchronize and press OK:

If you are using Shared Folders, do not select a calendar from a shared folder as it will probably not work.

After having changed the calendar, restart outlook and run a manual synchronization by selecting synchronize from the TSR menu in Outlook:

Select options exactly as below and press “Start Synchronization”.

That’s it..