Create and Submit a Time Entry

This video will show you how to create and submit a time entry with TSR:



For detailed instructions and more options, please see below.

Creating and submitting a time entry with TSR

Step 1: Create/open an appointment in your Outlook calendar as you normally would.
Step 2: Click on the TSR icon.
Step 3: Select an organization, project and activity.
Step 4: Enter other values for the time entry such as Subject, Location, Start time, End time and Description.


Step 5: You can optionally add more information by clicking on the Advanced button, and add a contact as well as comments for your supervisor, and click OK.


Step 6: Click on the Submit button to submit the appointment now, or “Save and Close”. You can then later open it again and click Submit.


You can also add and edit TSR info on an appointment via the calendar tools bar:


Adding and Submitting TSR Info for Multiple Appointments

To add list and submit multiple TSR entries in Outlook, please see this guide…

To add TSR info to multiple appointments, and save/submit them, please see this guide…

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