The Expenses feature in TSR allows you to track expenses, such as hotel stays, mileage, etc. via your time entries.*

*With standard TSR Outlook User Agent (currently not OUA Light) and TSR WebAdmin.

Adding/Submitting Expenses

With TSR you can add expenses to your time entries both via your TSR Outlook User Agent and via WebAdmin.
Submission of expenses can be done both individually and together with your time entries.

Expenses Reporting and Reimbursement Template

You can easily create reports giving you an overview of expenses, and furthermore create a Word document for reimbursement purposes.

Approving Expenses

Giving Users Access to Expenses

You can give users access to use the Expenses module in TSR, by going to their user profile, select the tab called ‘Expenses’.
Here you can select if the user should have access to the module as well as which user group should be able to approve expenses for this particular user:

1 ExpenseAccess1

Besides this, also make sure that they have a Role with one or more of the following permissions:

  • Expense Administration
  • Expense Approval
  • Expense Reporting All
  • Expense Reporting Personal
  • Add Expenses
  • Print Expense Report For Signing

For more detailed descriptions of the above permissions, click here…
For more details on how to manage Roles and Permissions, please click here…

Expense Administration

Go to Expense Administration.

From here you can manage your expenses, edit current ones, create new ones, as well as activate and inactivate them.