Flextime in TSR

This article will show you how to have a simple functionality for flextime in TSR.

This functionality makes it possible to use the reporting function to see how many hours were supposed to be reported for a specified time frame (for example a week, month or year) and compare it with the actual number of reported hours in the same period.
So for example if you’re supposed to report 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, this would equal 40 total. If the report shows that you’ve reported 42 hours, it will display this as well as your +2 hours.


Step 1: Create a Working Hours Profile

If you’ve not already done so, create a working hours profile in TSR. This specifies how many hours each user should report per day.
You can create multiple profiles and attach the relevant one to each of your user profiles (not mandatory).
You can see how to do so here – Working Hours Profiles Setup…

Working Hours Profiles can also be used to send notifications to users who are missing reporting hours (this is calculated on a day-by-day basis): More info on Notifications – Click here…

Step 2: Run a report

To see how users’ reported hours compare with their working hours profile, do the following:

1: Go to the General Report in TSR.


2: Select ‘Include graphical overview’ and sort it by ‘User’
3: Select to compare with Working Hours Profile

4: Select any other options, search criteria, etc. that you wish

5: Click View.

That’s it.