Getting Some Data to Work With in TSR

You’ve just installed TSR and followed the guide, Getting Started, and are ready to use TSR, but would like some more data in the system.

You can of course do this on a continuous basis, but initially here are the steps you should follow to get some more data in TSR.

You can of course skip any step, which is not relevant to you.

Step 1: Make sure that you followed this guide

User Setup

If you have the trial on just need a single user, you can probably skip this section. If you need more users, please go over the following step-by-step.

Step 2: Create Roles

Step 3: Create Users

Step 4: Create User Groups

Setting Up Projects, etc.

The trial version of TSR already comes with a project that you can track time on. If you wish to create more projects and corresponding organizations, please follow these steps.

To be able to report time on an organization (step 5), you also need to set up a project that uses that organisation (step 9).

After having set up your initial data, you may be able to skip step 6 and 8 (and sometimes 5), depending on your situation.

Step 5: Create Organizations

Step 6: Create Activity Types

Step 7: Create Activities

Step 8: Create Project Types

Step 9: Create Projects

Advanced – Importing Data


That is basically it. You should now have some data to work with in TSR.