Hourly Rates

Permissions: Giving users access to Hourly Rates

To give users access to define Rates on projects and run Rates reports in TSR, users need one or more of the following permissions:

  • Rates admin
  • Standard Report Page
  • Only Personal Reporting (Optional)
  • Rates Reporting All

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Hourly rates reporting

This video will show you how to do rates reporting in TSR.
Besides using the reporting function, it’s also possible to export this data using TSR DataBridge.


Hourly rates administration

This video will show you how to administer and set rates on projects in TSR.


1. Go to the relevant project and click the Rates tab.

Option: Define the rates for the project overall.

Option: Define the rates per activity.

Option: Use user default rates.

If you select none, it will use your users’ default rates for this project.

You define these on your user profiles:

2: Save the project.

Click on OK and save the project.

Besides doing it via the project setup, you can also do it in bulk via TSR DataBridge.

Export/import Hourly rates with DataBridge

When exporting time entries with TSR DataBridge, you can also include Cost, Revenue and Profit.
It is also possible to import and set hourly rates on your individual projects in bulk, using DataBridge.

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