Importing Users with TSR DataBridge


A CSV-file will be imported after the same rules that the other DataBridge import runs, with the exception, that DBruntime will not be supported.

Prior to starting the import, the file is validated and the total number of users including the existing users will be counted. If user exists in both the import file and the user database, it will only count as one with one exception. If the user exists in the TSR User database and is inactive, it will count as zero.

The number of users is compared to the license and if it exceeds the license count, the import will fail with a message: “User import will make the licensed user count exceed. Number of licensed users: ##. Number of users after import: ##. Import failed.”

If there are duplicate entries in the import file, the import will also fail. Error message “You have the following duplicate entries entry, entry, entry… in the import file. Import failed”

If a user exists and is marked as inactive, the import will run as normal but the user will still be inactive after the import

A check field is made available to define if user groups from the import file should be created if they do not exists. Label: “Create non existing user groups”.

Two check marks are available:


Create non existing user groups Defines if a specified user group is created if it does not exist in the TSR database.
Overwrite password Defines if passwords for existing users are overwritten during the import.



The following fields can be defined. Fields with an asterix (*) are mandatory.


Error message
Username * Must adhere to the rules for usernames.  Invalid username in import file:
username. Import failed.
Password * Must adhere to the rules of passwords (if any). Invalid password in import file. User: username. Import failed.
Will be masked with **** in the web interface.
If the user exists and the “Overwite password is set”, the password is overwritten. Otherwise it is ignored for existing users.
Working hours   Must exist Invalid working hours profile specified for user username. Import failed.
First name *   First name not specified for user username. Import failed.
Middle name      
Last name      
Email   If present must be valid
Invalid email address specified for user username. Import failed.
Direct phone      
Cell phone      
Job title      
Role   Same syntax as in project import. If one or more roles are specified but do not exist, the import fails. Invalid roles specified for user username. Import failed.
Substitute submitter role   Any value expect NUL or blank will set Substitute submitter role.  
Substitute submitter group   If specified, it must exist Invalid substitute submitter group specified for user username. Import failed.
User groups   Same syntax as in project import.  One or more user groups for user username does not exist. Import failed.
If a user group does not exist, there are two scenarios. If the Create non existing user groups is set, the user group is created and the user added to that group. If the flag is not set, the import fails.