In TSR you can add a list of locations that you can use in your time reporting.* This field is separate from the standard Outlook ’Location’ field, and works as a dropdown with predefined values.

You can select this field under ‘Advanced’ on your timesheets and also on your user profiles.

The field can be selected to be included when exporting time entries with TSR DataBridge.

*With standard TSR Outlook User Agent (currently not OUA Light) and TSR WebAdmin.

Managing Locations

You manage your ‘Locations’ via TSR WebAdmin, where you can create new ones and also activate and inactivate your specified Locations:

Adding Locations to time entries.

You do this under Advanced.

In the TSR Outlook User Agent:

In the TSR WebAdmin:

Adding Locations to user profiles

You do this under the ’Person’ tab on your user’s profile: