Menu path: Data Management > Organization

This page allows you to manage organization data.






Search Organizations

Step 1: Input key word(s) for search function.
Step 2: Click on Search button to get results.


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Add New Organization

Step 1: Click on “Add new organization”.
Step 2: Enter Organization Name and Description.
Step 3: Click on the OK button to create the new Organization.

Step 4 (Optional): Add new contact by clicking on the Contacts tab.
Step 4.1: Click on “Add new contact”.

Step 4.2: Input the necessary information.
Step 4.3: Click the “Add “button.
If you want to delete a contact, click on the corresponding “Delete” link.
Step 4.4: Click the “OK” button to save data.

Step 5 (Optional): Add New Address by choosing the organization you just created and then click on “View address details” on the Summary tab.
Step 5.1: Enter “Address details” and “Communication details”.
Step 5.2: Click on the “OK” button to save data.


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Update Organization

Step 1: Click on the organization name that you wish to update.
Step 2: Input necessary information.
Step 3: Click on “OK” button to save or “Cancel” to return.


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Delete Organization

Step 1: Click on “Delete’ to delete the corresponding Organization. The system will show all related data that will be deleted as well.
Step 2: Click on “Delete” to confirm the deletion.


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Import/Export/Update Organizations in Bulk via DataBridge

With TSR DataBridge, you can import, export and edit your organizations in bulk.
On how to use DataBridge, please click here…


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