Rejecting time entries

Rejecting time entries is something that is done during the approval process.
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When a time entry is submitted, it is locked for the user. If the supervisor/approver then rejects it, it will be opened up for editing for the user, who can then resubmit it after making the appropriate changes to it.

You can reject all time entries for a user via the overview on the approval screen (usually only recommended in special cases):

You can also click on the username for more details, and select the relevant entries and reject them:

Finally, you can click on a time entry, to get all the details and reject it from there (usually recommended).
When rejecting a time entry, the supervisor can add an optional note as to why and then reject it:

After the next synchronization, the appointment will change its color (to pink) and category (‘Rejected’) in Outlook, to mark that it’s been rejected:

If the user go the entry and click ‘Advanced’, they can see the comment from the supervisor, and if they want add their own comment before resubmitting it:

The above comment from the user will then also show up for the supervisor when revisiting the entry for approval.

Usually this would be quite sufficient, since they stand out with the pink color. However, the user can also search for rejected entries by going to Outlook add-ins > TSR > List timesheets.

It is also possible to send email notifications to users listing their approved and rejected entries.
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