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TSR WebAdmin comes in a version optimized for smartphones, such as iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, etc.

This video shows how to use TSR on SmartPhones:

For more details, please see below.


Before You Begin

Make sure that the users that will be using TSR from their smartphone, has the permission to do so.

You do this by going to your Role Administration in TSR WebAdmin, and select the proper role for the relevant users. When you’ve selected the Role, click on the Permissions tab, and check the box next to SmartPhone Access.

This guide shows you how to use the Role Administration.


Accessing TSR WebAdmin for SmartPhones

1. Open the browser on your mobile phone.
2. Go to the website address where you normally access TSR WebAdmin, for example
3. Login with your user credentials.

TSR SmartPhone - Login

To log out again, click ‘Log out’ in the upper right corner.

List and Search Time Entries

When having logged on to TSR WebAdmin for SmartPhones, you will see a list of your time entries.

TSR SmartPhone - List TimeSheets

If you wish you can search for specific time entries, by clicking on ‘Search’ and enter your search criteria.

TSR SmartPhone - Search TimeSheets

Create New Time Entry

1. Click on ‘Create New’.
2. Enter the information you wish.
3. Click ‘Save’, ‘Submit’ or ‘Cancel’.

TSR SmartPhone - Create TimeSheet

Edit Time Entry

1. List your time entries.
2. Select the one you wish to edit.
3. Make the changes you wish, and click on ‘Save’, ‘Submit’ or ‘Cancel.’

TSR SmartPhone - Create TimeSheet


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