The Math – ROI (Return On Investment) with TSR

TimeSheet Reporter - The Math - ROI (Return On Investment)

  • Terrific ROI – Investment back fast
  • Save time, earn more and increase productivity
  • Get missing hours reported
  • Increase revenue
  • Gain control and overview

Let’s say that currently your organization is missing reporting on 5-10 hours per month, per employee (in a lot of organizations this number will be significantly higher). If you have 10 employees, that’s 50-100 hours per month, 100 employees – 500-1,000 hours, 1,000 employees – 5,000-10,000 hours.
Well, you get the picture.

Let’s then assume that one hour equals $125 in revenue for your organization.
That equals $625 to $1,250 per employee, PER MONTH. Or $7,500 to $15,000 per year (per employee).

Getting these hours reported, which TSR can do for you, can mean thousands and thousands of dollars in extra revenue for your organization, every single month.
In this way your investment in TimeSheet Reporter® will be back within a few days.

Not ‘selling hours’? TSR can help you and your employees gain control and overview over how your employees spend their time, on which projects and activities, and thus enable you to be proactive and spend your resources more efficiently.


And again:

  • How much money would your organization save if your staff didn’t have to spend all the time they do today on reporting time?
  • How much money is your organization loosing from not getting all customer related hours reported?
  • Could you spend your organization’s resources better if your employees didn’t have to spend tons of energy, resources and time on reporting time?

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The Math – ROI (Return On Investment) March 15, 2013